Now Available: Move Think Learn Builds Physical Literacy Through Games and Sport

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Use sport with purpose in PHE Canada's latest resource series, Move Think Learn

Physical and Health Education Canada is proud to announce the launch of our latest resource, Move Think Learn. This easy to implement resource series introduces students and teachers to nine games and sports through a unique approach that facilitates purposeful game play experiences.

Move Think Learn explores movements and tactical/critical thinking associated with each sport and brings these skills together through a culminating activity where students apply learning. While each resource focuses on a single sport, they emphasize the transferability of tactical solutions from one sport context to another. 

Move Think Learn showcases the following sports:

  • Archery (Target game)
  • Badminton (Net and Wall game)
  • Squash (Net and Wall game)
  • Softball (Striking and Fielding game)
  • Ringette (Territory game)
  • Soccer (Territory game)
  • Team Handball (Territory game)
  • Canoe/Kayak (Racing game)
  • Cycling (Racing game)

For a limited time, you can download two special editions of Move Think Learn: Soccer In Focus themed around the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™.

Each resource provides for 6-8 activities each and is targeted to educators working with children and youth in grades 4 through 9. The goal of the series is to increase student knowledge, confidence, and competence to become further engaged in physical activity and/or sport. Discover new ways to teach these various sports!

Learn more and download Move Think Learn at:

Canada wordmarkThe Move Think Learn series is funded by the Government of Canada.