Programs & Resources

PHE Canada has specific objectives for program and resource development that relate to the delivery and support of quality physical and health education in the school setting at the elementary, middle, secondary and post secondary level:

  • To help schools establish quality physical and health education programs.
  • To help children and youth learn the importance of physical activity and healthy eating, and make positive healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To work with a multitude of partners to advance our message and to provide more opportunities to be physically active.
  • To promote school curricular programming as the ideal, most accessible and equitable intervention for reaching children and youth to develop the attitudes, skills and habits that support active, healthy living.

The programs, resources and projects that we create or support can be categorized under our four pillars:

  • Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE)
    PHE Canada believes that quality daily physical education in schools is essential to the healthy development of Canadian children and youth. All children need and deserve quality, daily physical education – it is an essential part of childhood development, and an opportunity that can access virtually every child in Canada.

  • Healthy School Communities (HSC)
    A healthy school community promotes a culture of wellness for all its members: students, teachers, administrators/principals, staff, parents, and community partners. Together, the school community implements plans to create an environment that supports healthy choices among its members.

  • Quality School Intramural Recreation (QSIR)
    Intramurals are fun, inclusive and provide something for everyone! Quality School Intramural Recreation (QSIR) is designed to get children and youth excited about participating in physical activity! QSIR programs and initiatives help to enhance intramural and recreation programs in schools by providing resources and leadership skill development for students and teachers to lead intramural and recreation programs. Through QSIR, we hope to see active intramural programs in all schools and post-secondary institutions. Quality school intramural programs are a fun and effective way to increase daily physical activity opportunities for children and youth!

  • Dance Education
    Movement and rhythm, as expressed through dance, have long been the heart and soul of all cultures. A quality physical education program is not a balanced program unless elements of dance are included as integral parts of the curriculum.

    Because quality educational dance is a forum for collaboration between teachers and students through all learning domains, it is a site for deep learning for everyone.

    Teaching dance can be potentially rewarding yet challenging. When students fill space with movement creations that they have developed, their sweat, smiles, and pride convey a job well done!