Always Changing

Puberty and Health Education Program

Always Changing is a school-based puberty education and healthy, active living program for students in grades 5 and up. Providing user-friendly Teacher Guides, Student Manuals, and Downloadable Worksheets, Always Changing will support your puberty and health education programming.

No Registration Required - For the first time since its launch, the program is now only available online.

Always Changing Grades 5 and 6 Program - provides you with the resources and teaching strategies to help students understand their changing bodies, the stages of puberty, and the role of personal appearance in a positive self-image.

Always Changing Grades 7 and Up - promotes physically active and healthy lifestyles for adolescent girls and boys. The program is designed to help develop fun, active, confident, and energetic self-images.

NEW for 2017-2018: Try. Fail. Learn. #LikeAGirl

This lesson will help your students see the positive role that failing can play in their lives. By shifting mindsets from considering failure as something to be feared, to something to be embraced as a way to grow, students can learn, grow and build confidence.

Always Changing has been developed by Procter and Gamble Inc. and is endorsed and promoted by PHE Canada and Ophea.