Always Changing

Puberty Education Materials
for Grades 5 and up

Reserved for Canadian schools, school boards and health units ONLY

Always Changing Grades 5 and 6 Program - provides you with the resources and teaching strategies to help students understand their changing bodies, the stages of puberty, and the role of personal appearance in a positive self-image. The program is principally designed for co-ed classes in the hopes that through open and realistic discussions with both boys and girls present, students are provided with the opportunity to practice a lifetime of healthy and appropriate male/female communication both – in their relationships, at school and in the workplace.

Always Changing Grades 7 and Up -  promotes physically active and healthy lifestyles for adolescent girls and boys. The program is designed to help develop Fun, Active, Confident, and Energetic Self-Images.



Always Changing Grades 5 & 6

Always Changing Grades 7 & Up



The development and distribution of this program has been made possible by the generous support of the manufacturers of Always, Tampax, and Old Spice.

PHE Canada and Procter and Gamble have worked in partnership for over 20 years to develop, promote and deliver these two excellent health education programs, available to teachers and health educators free of charge. PHE Canada, through its expert network of health educators, has endorsed the program as an effective and appropriate program for Canadian teachers tasked with teaching children about health education issues, such as hygiene, puberty, etc.