Always Changing

Puberty and Health Education Program

Always Changing is a school-based puberty education and healthy, active living program for students in grades 5 and up. Providing user-friendly Teacher Guides, Student Manuals, and Downloadable Worksheets, Always Changing will support your puberty and health education programming.

No Registration Required - For the first time since its launch, the program is now only available online.


Always Changing Grades 5 and 6 Program - provides you with the resources and teaching strategies to help students understand their changing bodies, the stages of puberty, and the role of personal appearance in a positive self-image.


Always Changing Grades 7 and Up - promotes physically active and healthy lifestyles for adolescent girls and boys. The program is designed to help develop fun, active, confident, and energetic self-images.




Always Changing has been developed by Procter and Gamble Inc. and is endorsed and promoted by PHE Canada and Ophea.