What teachers can do

Quality Daily Physical Education programs do exist and hundreds of schools across Canada are proving this fact. These schools, particularly the champions behind them, understand the importance of quality Physical Education to the healthy development of children and youth, and have made it a priority.

As a teacher, take a stand and be a champion.

  • Ensure that Physical and Health Education is valued as an integral school program
  • Provide opportunities for daily physical education.
  • Ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes to lead active lifestyles.
  • Provide lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate and are linked to the goals and outcomes of the provincial curriculum.
  • Prepare for Physical Education classes ahead of time to maximize students’ time engaged in vigorous activity.
  • Offer a variety of ways for students to be physically active both within and beyond the Physical Education class.
  • Address Physical and Health Education achievements and challenges to students, student’s parents, and on school report cards.
  • Do not cancel Physical Education unless it is absolutely necessary. Make use of alternate facilities or resources if needed.
  • Never use Physical Education as a punishment for poor achievement or bad behaviour. This would never be considered for other core subjects such as Math, English, or Science.
  • Encourage students to practice what they have learned. Assign Physical Education homework.
  • Adopt the Active, Healthy School Community concept. Ensure that all students have the chance to learn in a safe, healthy, and active school environment.