Across Canada – Prince Edward Island

Provincial Organization
Prince Edward Island Physical Education Association (PEIPEA)

View the current PEI PE/HE Curriculum:

Health and Physical Education Curriculum focus

  • Fitness
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Track And Field (Elementary)
  • Team Sports
  • Games
  • Individual Activities
  • Racquet Sports (Intermediate and Senior)

Allocated Physical Education/Health Education Time

  • Elementary: 5% instructional time (90 minutes/6-day cycle)
  • Intermediate: 4-6% instructional time (72-108 minutes/6-day cycle)
  • Senior: Not compulsory, however PE courses are made available in most senior high schools

* Allocated time does not necessarily represent actual Physical Education time provided.

Estimated actual Physical Education Time

  • Varies across the province: 90-180 minutes/6-day cycle


Issues continue to include: maintaining professionals that are trained to teach physical education; ensuring that educators responsible for teaching physical education are trained; lobbying for the importance of schools providing the requirement Physical Education time as stated in the provincial curricula; and responding to the increased inactivity levels of children.

There has been a formation of a focus group to review documents and areas of concern surrounding the development of new PE curriculum for Kindergarten – Grade 12.

PEI is currently developing a safety guideline document for PE teachers in Kindergarten – Grade 12.

New Grade 4-6 Health Curriculum (2008-9)

The new Health curriculum focuses on wellness, relationship, and life-learning choices. This curriculum was developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in consultation with a variety of key stakeholders. The Department worked with a publisher to customize the Health and Wellness text to create a new Canadian edition. The grade 4-6 health curriculum completes the implementation of the new health curriculum for grades 1-9.

Implemented the School Health Action Planning and Evaluation System

The SHAPES survey collects information from students in grades 5-12 regarding their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours related to healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco use, and mental fitness. Schools received two individual feedback reports specific to student-level survey results and an analysis of the programs, policies, and supports in place at the school-level. Aggregated data was also used to produce both school board and provincial feedback reports.

Updated: June 2, 2009