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PE-BC (Physical Education British Columbia)

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Health and Physical Education Curriculum focus

  • Active Living
  • Movement
  • Personal and Social responsibility

Allocated Physical Education Time

  • Kindergarten - Grade 7: 150 minutes/week
  • Grade 8-10: 10% instructional time

* Allocated time does not necessarily represent actual Physical Education time provided.

Daily Physical Activity

  • Kindergarten - Grade 9: -- 30 minutes of daily physical activity must be a part of students’ educational program

Estimated actual Physical Education Time

  • Kindergarten - Grade 7: 2-3 sessions/week
  • Grade 8-10: varies on secondary school timetable (semester, linear, or quarter)

Health and Physical Education Consultant

  • The Ministry of Education has a Healthy Schools Coordinator.
  • The Ministry of Health has a Physical Activity Coordinator.


  1. Continuing concern about Physical Education vs. physical activity.
  2. New secondary school graduation requirements with only 80 hours for portfolio.
  3. New PE Performance Standards in BC have led to a curriculum revision. Full implementation of Kindergarten - Grade 7 and 8-10 PE IRPs is scheduled for September 2009.
  4. There are 19 (and counting) district level PE/Health Co-ordinators in BC with varying responsibilities and time allotments (one day a week to full time). DASH-BC provides funding and opportunity for these co-ordiantors to meet twice a year.
  5. Action Schools! BC is more than just physical activity (PA) focused. Participating schools must submit an action plan of six goals for six action zones. One is curriculum (PE and Health), one is classroom based (PA and Healthy Eating) and also environment, family and community, extracurricular, school spirit. Schools receive up to five different free workshops each year and free equipment to support implementation of their action plan. 90% of BC schools are participating. The generalist teacher benefits the most from this program as it removes the fear factor.

Updated: June 2, 2009