Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

...All children and youth in Canada living healthy, physically active lives.

Our Mission

We advocate for and advance quality physical education and quality health education programs offered in Health Promoting Schools to enable students the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead physically active and healthy lives, now and in their future.

We believe...

  • That school communities are one of the most influential institutions in the lives of children and youth.
  • That being educated in a Health Promoting School that delivers comprehensive, quality, physical and health education programs is vital to the optimum growth and development of children and youth.
  • That a solid foundation of physical and health education creates the potential for healthy, physically active lives
  • In the importance of leadership development for both students and professionals.
  • In the importance of demonstrating leadership and engaging in partnerships and collaborations.
  • In the Long-Term Athlete Development Model.

Our Guiding Principles...

  • Work to achieve excellence in all we do, including relationships, partnerships, programs, resources and conferences.
  • Are committed to setting quality standards for school-based physical and health education programs in Canada, and developing tools that support those standards.
  • Strive for ongoing collaboration between grassroots, provincial, national, and international stakeholders in the development and delivery of services and programs.
  • Provide meaningful professional development opportunities to staff and volunteers, and provide a network of communication and support for our members.
  • Strive for equity and cultural diversity while demonstrating respect for students, schools and school communities.
  • Value equally the contributions of professionals and volunteers, and creates an environment in which their overall wellbeing is valued.
  • Demonstrate consistent and effective use of physical, financial and human resources.