Advisory Committees

PHE Canada operates several Advisory Committees composed of volunteer key experts who provide advice and guidance to the PHE Canada Board of Directors on the creation and delivery of initiatives, programs and resources. These committees may generate recommendations and input for the Board of Directors’ consideration and the Board often seeks their advice in matters emerging in the sector. The Advisory Committees also serve as a conduit for potential future Board members to acquire an introduction to the organization and the work it does.

Advisory Committees ensure that the activities PHE Canada undertakes are relevant to the experiences and needs of the sector, reflect the latest in best practices and methods, link to the strategic plan, address regional and cultural diversity, and continue to be of the highest quality.

Current Advisory Committees:

  • Physical Education and Physical Literacy
  • Dance Education
  • Health Promoting Schools and Health Education
  • Intramurals and After School
  • Leadership

How Can I Join?

A call for persons interested in serving on one of the Advisory Committees will be made public. At that time, if you are interested in joining, you are encouraged to contact PHE Canada and indicate the committee on which you are interested in serving. PHE Canada also invites anyone interested in participating on these committees to convey that interest to us at anytime at