Teach Resiliency: Equipping Teachers to Promote Positive Mental Health

In every classroom in Canada, students are grappling with mental health issues. And at the front of these classes are teachers contending with the stress of helping students who are struggling.

PHE Canada has developed Teach Resiliency - an online portal and community of practice offering teachers simple-to-use strategies and tools to assess resilience needs and resources to promote and enhance teacher and student mental health. 


Teach Resiliency is now live. Visit www.teachresiliency.ca


Teach Resiliency - Equipping Teachers to Promote Mental Health

2012 - PHE Canada initiates a research project to examine Provincial and Territorial curriculum related to youth and child mental health and wellness. Included was a review of pre-service education in Canada related to youth and child mental health. The research is intended to inform PHE Canada in the ongoing development of a national strategy to encourage positive changes within education specifically; by acknowledging gaps in (a) pre-service teacher education and policy related to youth and child mental health, and (b) mental health curriculum.

2014 - PHE Canada releases two reports: Mental Health Education in Canada: An Analysis of Teacher Education and Provincial/Territorial Curricula and The Responsibility to Promote Resiliency: Public Perspectives on Mental Health Education and the Canadian School System.” The reports highlight a wide gap between Canadians’ expectations of teachers and the preparation and education that new teachers receive when it comes to student mental health and resiliency. In light of the findings, PHE Canada develops five key recommendations:

  1. All teacher candidates should be required to take at least one course that teaches skills and strategies to foster positive mental health and resiliency among themselves and within their classrooms.
  2. Ensure that classroom/behavior management courses in teacher education address and reflect proactive resiliency-oriented strategies.
  3. Provide mental health education in-service opportunities to ensure existing teachers are up-to-date on the latest strategies for promoting positive mental health and resiliency.
  4. Provincial curricula should identify positive mental health and resiliency outcomes for health education.
  5. Positive mental health and resiliency outcomes should be present in all grades from kindergarten to grade 12.

2015 - PHE Canada partners with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) with expert content from researchers at Western University to design and deliver a web-based platform that will be recognized as the preferred national source of quality mental health resources and tools for health and education professionals. The Teach Resiliency online portal will:

  • Support teacher resiliency and well-being.
  • Provide teachers and front-line staff with effective and practical classroom strategies to support child and youth resiliency and mental health.
  • Engage teachers and mental health professionals in a community of practice to share, learn, and support one another thereby increasing their collective capacity to create learning environments that support enhanced well-being.
  • Develop, enhance and support teachers’ competencies to create the conditions where children and youth will thrive, develop resiliency against adversity and agency in decision-making about their holistic health and well-being.

2016 - The Teach Resiliency portal is developed and tested with educators from across Canada. The portal is met with resounding approval and welcomed by school teachers and administrators.

2017 - Teach Resiliency will be launched in May, 2017 at PHE Canada’s National Conference in St. John’s, NL. The launch corresponds with Mental Health Week (National) and Education Week (Ontario). A Teach Resiliency National Campaign will be launched on October 10th 2017 in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. PHE Canada will engage key stakeholders including sponsors and funders to gauge interest in supporting the continued growth and evolution of the tool. 

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About the AstraZeneca Canada Young Health Program

The AstraZeneca Young Health Program is about helping young people in need around the world deal with the health issues they face, so that they can improve their chances of living a better life. In Canada, the AstraZeneca Young Health Program (YHP) is working in partnership with three leading Canadian charitable organizations to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of youth ages 10-19. YHP supports the advocacy efforts of PHE Canada to ensure that teachers are equipped with the skills to project a positive mindset and to teach the skills that lead to positive mental health for Canadian youth. www.younghealth.ca.

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