Call for Proposals: At My Best 4-5-6 photovoice research project

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Program background

At My Best (AMB) is a free, curriculum-linked program designed to inspire and motivate children to make healthier choices and develop lifelong healthy habits. The program was developed by Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) in partnership with AstraZeneca Canada. By combining emotional well-being, physical activity, and healthy eating the program adopts a holistic approach to teaching students about health and well-being.

To achieve this holistic approach, the program uses a social-ecological framework which is woven throughout its contents. It was originally developed for students in kindergarten to grades 3 and uses an emotional ABC theme (Ability; Belonging; Caring) in hopes that students recognize their ability, are inclusive and involve others, and hold respect and consideration for self and others. The program’s popularity led to the development of AMB 4-5-6. By building on the original program content, AMB 4-5-6 maintains the social-ecological framework and uses an I-We-Us theme (Individual ability; Belonging to a team, class or group; Developing citizenship skills). Specifically, the focus is on students’ individual ability, their ability to work with others and establish healthy relationships, and their understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. The AMB 4-5-6 program emphasis on emotional well-being and global citizenship is in large part what makes the program unique.

In 2012/2013, the majority of AMB content was reformatted for online use which has allowed PHE Canada to achieve broader distribution of materials to schools, teachers, parents, and students. The website offers access to the following: 

Non-registered users (i.e., students, parents, general public) At My Best K-3 registered users (i.e., teachers, administrators) AMB 4-5-6 registered users (i.e., teachers, administrators)
  • Program overview & testimonials
  • Activities & recipe suggestions
  • Parent information
  • Play Day overview & access to registration
  • Lesson plans including integrated activity sheets and links to home
  • Storybook
  • Curriculum links
  • Music & videos
  • Printed task cards (images & activity instructions
  • Learning experiences including integrated activity sheets and links to home and community (six/grade)
  • Printed task cards (images and activity instructions)

At My Best 4-5-6

In 2015, an evaluation of AMB 4-5-6 commenced to ensure the resource was appropriate for even the most health vulnerable populations (i.e., Indigenous Peoples, newcomer youth, low socio-economic status). This evaluation has informed the revitalization of AMB 4-5-6 that is expected to launch Fall 2017, which includes: 

  • Content embedded in a comprehensive school heatlh framework 
  • Enhanced curriculum alignment and cross-curricular connections
  • Inclusive and culturally appropriate materials
  • Increased program adaptability/flexibility
  • Increased hands-on activities

Photovoice research project

In an effort to continue evaluation and promotion of the program, PHE Canada is looking to engage a researcher (or research team) with expertise in photovoice research to document AMB 4-5-6 program users’ experience. Our objectives of the research project include: 

  1. Understand what AMB 4-5-6 means to individuals, classes, and school communities; 
  2. Understand how AMB 4-5-6 can inspire schools to build/maintain a healthy school community. 

The research will support us in: 

  1. Engaging with current program users to build relationships and create program champions;
  2. Attracting new program users and potential funders;
  3. Collecting stories and images for continued promotion (e.g., 2018 At My Best campaign)
  4. Illustrating program impact to current funders and potential funders; 
  5. Improving the program and identifying opportunities for continued development. 

The researcher will be asked to: 

  1. Review At My Best background and AMB 4-5-6 program materials. 
  2. Participate in a meeting (in-person or conference call) with PHE Canada (late September 2017) staff to discuss :
    1. the strategic direction of PHE Canada and planned developments for AMB 4-5-6;
    2. the vision, goals, and objectives for the photovoice research project. 
  3. Submit a project plan and other research materials for the photovoice research project (due early October 2017)
  4. Collect and analyze data from identified participants from schools across Canada (beginning in January 2018)
  5. Submit a report, including any applicable media/images to describe findings (due by June 2018). 
  6. Provide opportunities for revisions before submitting a final product (due by August 2018).


PHE Canada will pay a maximum of $8500.00 for the completion of this research project. Some expenses are not applicable (at your own cost). Details and deadlines are negotiable and will be determined in conference with PHE Canada personnel. A payment schedule will be negotiated upon receipt of the contract. 


The RFP submission should include:

Proposed project plan

  • Brief description of project plan and methodology. 


  • What is the total project costs for the proposed plan? 
  • Are there activities within the proposed plan (e.g., travel, meetings, etc.) that are not covered by your proposed budget and would be an additional cost to PHE Canada? If so, please outline those activities and the associated costs. 


  • Expected project deliverables. 

Demonstration of qualifications, expertise, and capacity

  • Showcase work of similar projects. 
  • Three (3) relevant references


Please confirm your interest in this project by submitting a proposal (Word or PDF) and project budget by end of day September 29, 2017 to: Kendra MacFarlane, Program Coordinator, 613 523 1348 ext. 231,