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This resource uses a Teaching Games for Understanding approach to work students through tactical gameplay problems, think through options and skills, and learn how to apply this learning to broader gameplay situations. The series explores archery, badminton, basketball, canoe-kayak, cricket, curling, cycling, football, hockey, ringette, softball, squash, soccer and team handball. Targeted to educators working with children and youth approximately 8-14 years of age (grades 4-9), the goal of the series is to increase student knowledge, confidence, and competence to become further engaged in physical activity and/or sport. While each resource focuses on a single sport, they emphasize the transferability of tactical solutions from one sport context to another.


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The sport focus of each resource in the Move Think Learn series provides a lens through which to facilitate purposeful game play experiences. Although a single-sport provides the focus for each resource, the transferability of tactical solutions from one sport to another is emphasized. The small-sided games described in each resource align with the stages of LTAD by promoting participation in developmentally appropriate games as opposed to mature forms of the sport.

Resource Overview

Each resource in the series is organized into three sections; Move Think and Learn. The resources support teacher planning, but do not provide complete or sequential lesson plans. 

Move: Six different games are described in the Move section. Each game highlights a different tactical problem relevant to the games category of the sport in focus. These games can serve as an entry point to a lesson and are designed to help students understand “what to do” in the context of the game.

Think: Tactical questions teachers can ask students are included in the Think section. Each series of questions relates directly to the preceding Move game, and is intended to engage students in critical and creative thinking to identify the tactical problem, solutions to the tactical problem, and the movement skills required to carry out the tactical solutions. Building on student understanding of “what to do” in the context of the game, this section explores “how to do it”.

Learn: Two games are described in the Learn section. These games are more complex than those in the Move section, and are intended to move participants toward the mature form of the sport in focus. During game play, students apply solutions to tactical problems and decision-making abilities. These games can serve as a culminating game to a lesson or unit.

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