Guide to Ride

Guide to Ride is a FREE resource for children in grades 4, 5 or 6 to promote safe cycling.

Each grade contains 10 lesson plans designed for use in a classroom setting regardless of whether students have bicycles readily available or not. This resource can also be used in an after school setting by after school providers.

The Goals of Guide to Ride:

  • Get children excited about cycling
  • Children will acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be safe on roads.
  • Children will learn the fundamental considerations of bike safety
  • Children will gain appreciation of the bike as a vehicle
  • Children will obtain knowledge of how to care for both bike and cycling gear.

Although safety is a vital component of Guide to Ride, the program also aims to develop a better appreciation and understanding of the benefits that cycling can provide to both individuals and communities. These advantages include:

  • the health benefits from being physically active through cycling and
  • the ecological and environmental benefits of a non-motorized form of transportation.

Being safe on the road is important to everyone: those traveling in a car, getting on or off a bus, crossing the street, or cycling. Being both physically healthy and environmentally aware are also important. We are pleased to offer Guide to Ride to help ensure that children are safe when they are cycling on our streets and, at the same time, are aware of the many benefits that they are promoting for themselves and others.

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