Fundamental Movement Skills Video Collections

As part of the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Series, Physical & Health Education Canada has developed collections of videos to help provide visual portrayals of the movements discussed in the corresponding FMS handbooks.

The videos provide instruction in, and demonstration of, fundamental movement skills and competencies. More specifically, these short videos display children completing the selected fundamental movement skills from various angles, in addition to providing freeze frame captions and descriptions of key points in the movement to help teachers and coaches assess and instruct their children. To activate the freeze frames and movement descriptions, simply click on the white arrows located along the time bar. The videos have proven to be a valuable learning aid for teachers, coaches, recreational leaders, after school service providers, and parents. 

The video collections are categorized based on the development level of the child, in alignment with the corresponding FMS handbook, and include the following (click on the relevant title to view the associated videos).  

FMS: Active Start and FUNdamentals

  • This resource has been designed for teachers of children in Kindergarten to Grade 3 and for coaches of young athletes who are in the Active Start and FUNdamentals Stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program.

FMS: For Children with a Physical Disability

  • This tool allows users to view 11 fundamental movement skills, along with stills and key descriptions, completed by children with physical disabilities from two different views (frontal and lateral). The five disability sub groups that are of focus within these videos are children in wheelchairs, children who use mobility aids (crutches, walkers), children with a visual impairment, children with a hearing impairment, and children with mobility challenges but who do not use mobility aids.

FMS: For Children with Developmental and/or Behavioural Disabilities

  • This video collection focuses on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and/or Intellectual Disability.

FMS: Learning to Train.  

  • This video collection targets movement educators and children approximately 8-14 years of age (grades 4-8). The movements within the Learning to Train video collection display more advanced/specialized elaborations and combinations of movement skills, which are built from the foundational loco-motor, stability, and manipulative skills developed in the Active Start and FUNdamentals stages.

FMS Beyond the Fundamentals - A Games Approach

  • These videos follow a different approach to presentation than the previously mentioned videos. This collection is designed as a guide for pre-service teachers, coaches, and physical educators at the secondary level and provide an overview of the TGfU model/approach and four of the games discussed in the associated handbook - Skill Development and Fitness Games, Net and Wall Games, Striking and Fielding Games, and Territorial Games.


The FMS videos are run through the Dartfish TV platform. In order to view the videos, you may be required to download the following supporting software – Silverlight (link to download)