How can I promote intramurals?

What intramural and leadership resources are available?

The PHE Canada Bookstore offers a growing number of Intramural & Recreation materials and resources. The following publications and more, are available for purchase through our online store

Leading the Way was developed to improve youth leadership skills and to encourage participation in physical activity. It will support young people to develop the skills they need to successfully plan, organize and implement their own programs.

Who should use Leading the Way?
Leading the Way is designed for anyone who is developing leaders among children and youth in a school or community setting:

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This introductory resource is for you, the organizers who are interested in providing intramural programs at your school or community recreation facility. At school, most often it is physical education teachers and athletics staff coordinators who meet the challenge of developing and implementing intramural programs. However, more and more often other staff, parent volunteers and student leaders are becoming involved in providing increased physical activity opportunities and fun! This resource sets out to quickly orient and introduce the reader to the many experiences for students and the components of an intramural program. This guide will help you design and launch a new intramural program, or enhance an existing program.

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This resource was developed by a group of students in a leadership program who saw a need for a resource that would help other students successfully plan and convene intramural activities. 

This is an excellent resource that can be used by the intramural activity coordination team and within student leadership programs, as it takes students through a 12-step process of coordinating sports, physical activities, and special events.

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