Downloadable Material

Always Changing Grades 5&6:


How much do your students know about puberty?

Have your students take the What do you know about puberty Pre-Test to determine their general puberty knowledge before you begin.


Use these activity sheets to  teach your students about puberty.

Introducing Terry Activity Sheet - This activity is intended to initiate student dialogue regarding the changes that take place in puberty. Terry’s gender is not revealed in this fictional grade student’s accounting of what changes they are feeling and experiencing.

Facts about the female reproductive system - Diagram labeling & definitions activity

Facts about the male reproductive system - Diagram labeling & definitions activity

Hidden Changes Word Search Activity Sheet - This activity helps students recognize that certain changes that accompany puberty are not visible. The changes happen inside your body, or you can’t see them because they have to do with how your body is developing or feeling.

Myths and Facts Activity - This True & False questionnaire helps magnify non-reproductive body changes and personal health and hygiene needs.

Taking Care of Yourself Activity Sheet - This activity teaches that good health habits can help you manage with the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty. 

A Changing You - A reflection and growth worksheet.

Word Scramble Activity Sheet - Here’s a fun way to remember important facts about health and grooming.


What have your students learned?

You can determine what your students have learned by getting them to take the What do you know about Puberty Post-Test to evaluate their general puberty knowledge after taking part in Always Changing.

Find out how your students did with the What do you know about Puberty answers as well as Activity Sheet answers.