Highlights from the 2015 HSC Forum

Highlights from the 2015 Healthy School Communities National Forum



 Dr. Jon McGavock - Healthy Schools - Affirming our Impact: "Exercise and diet don't work." 

 Obesity and diabetes are diseases of poverty, and programs need to be resiliency-based and resonate with youth.



 Sean Slade - Making the Case for Healthy School Communities

 “Imagine a child at 25, how would you describe that child.” Health and education are interrelated, and these two sectors need to be integrated to develop holistic children.





 Healthy School Communities National Forum - Inspiring Positive Change:

 Delegates discuss how to inspire positive change to promote healthy school communities. 





 Healthy School Communities National Forum - Practical Action You Can Take

 Delegates discuss what they can do every day to help schools become health promoting. 





 Healthy School Communities National Forum - Benefits of the Forum:

 Delegates discuss why the Forum is needed, and what they gained by attending.