Importance of physical education specialists

  • “High quality physical education can encourage young people to develop knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of physical education, sport and health – enhancing experiences. More than that, it can develop in them the desire and commitment to continue to enjoy, improve and achieve in line with their own personal capacities throughout their lifetime” (HMIE, 2008).
  • “In more than a few primary and secondary schools, physical education experiences are not part of a well planned curricular framework but are often mainly opportunities for physical activity and recreation. Such opportunities are not always fully developing pupils’ skills and understanding in a way that will allow them to become more successful and confident learners” (HMIE, 2008).
  • “Key to physical education’s contribution to developing responsible citizens is the promotion of respect for the involvement of others … Through participation in physical education and other physical activities, pupils can be encouraged to take more of a part in the social, cultural and sporting life of the school” (HMIE, 2008).
  • “NikeGO PE event highlighted a curriculum called new PE, which delivers 30 minutes of constant physical activity in schools, ensuring that kids no longer have to stand in line for a turn or participate in elimination games … NikeGO PE provides elementary schools with tools to build a smart and effective approach to physical education, including a unique curriculum, teacher training and equipment" (Nike Raises Awareness of the Importance of Physical Education in Los Angeles Schools Through..., 2007)
  • “Children spend a considerable amount of time in school, and schools are a powerful motivator for helping them adopt healthy lifestyles. Several studies demonstrate school-based PE programs are one of the most effective ways to facilitate activity in our youth” (Nike Raises Awareness of the Importance of Physical Education in Los Angeles Schools Through..., 2007).
  • “Nike seeks to increase the quality and quantity of PE in schools. The realities of the times we live in demand that we strengthen physical education in our schools and ultimately bring full-time PE, taught by PE specialists, back to every school in the United States” (Nike Raises Awareness of the Importance of Physical Education in Los Angeles Schools Through..., 2007).
  • “Properly implemented physical education has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on the fitness levels and motor skill development of students, and such education may lead to the habituation of lifelong physical activity” (Southern California Elementary Physical Education Specialists and Non- Specialists: Beliefs and Behaviors of the Ideal Purpose and Actual Function of Elementary Physical Education, 2004)
  • “Certified PE specialists provide more PE and higher quality PE than classroom teachers” (Physical Education Matters, 2007).
  • “Professional development in activity-focused PE should be one of the highest priorities for improving PE, because of substantial evidence for its effectiveness. Professional development is particularly needed for the classroom teachers, who continue to be the main instructors of PE in elementary schools” (Physical Education Matters, 2007).
  • “Physical education specialists during critical developmental years at the elementary level is vital for developing the skills, knowledge, attitude and health benefits for an active, healthy lifestyle.” (Mandigo, 2003)
  • “Non-physical education specialists reported lower levels of confidence, enjoyment, preparation and knowledge and less professional development opportunities than physical education specialists.” (Mandigo, 2003)
  • “Principals may be more inclined to devote more time in their schools to physical education if it is taught by a specialist.” (Mandigo, 2003)
  • “The nature and quality of delivery of the physical education curriculum are fundamental to the future of the subject.” (Hardman & Marshall, 2000)
  • “Physical education teachers can also have a direct impact by developing more opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day.” (McKenzie, Marshall, Sallis & Conway, 2000)
  • “Quality physical education also requires qualified teachers…potential safety issues.” (Principal magazine, 2003)
  • A physical education teacher plays an important role in guiding students to explore. (Chen & Cone, 2003)
  • “UNESCO Charter for Physical Education & Sport, Article 4, advocates that personnel professionally responsible for physical education and sport should be appropriately qualified, having ‘adequate levels of specialization.’” (Hardman & Marshall, 2000)