Trail To Banff: Blog Series

To build excitement for the conference, to provide delegates with a glimpse of what would be in store, and hopefully inspire others to register for the conference we created the "Trail To Banff: Blog Series."

We contacted those who were identified as an influential contributor in the Health & Physical Education community who have their own blogs to ask if they would be willing to create and share a blog post around one or a combination of the following topics:

  • Your Physical Literacy journey (either personally or as a teacher/leader, or both!)
  • The future of Health and Physical Education
  • The importance of Physical Literacy
  • Something you're looking forward to at #Banff2015
  • A message to delegates around getting the most out of their conference experience

Weekly, a new blog post was featured on the conference webpage and promoted through the PHE Canada and HPEC Alberta social media networks.


Featured Blogs:

Heather Gardner - conference presenter: A Physical Literacy Uprising: Banff 2015

David Helm - conference presenterMy Physical Literacy Journey

Naomi Hartl - conference presenter: What I'm Looking Forward to Most at #Banff2015

Joyce Sunada - ​conference presenter: Joyful Insights

Amanda Stanec - PHE Canada member: You Live, You Learn

Chris Fenlon-MacDonald - conference presenter: My PL Journey

Chris Shaw - conference delegate:   A Rural Journey of Physical Literacy

Doug Gleddie- conference co-chair: Why #Banff2015?

Grace Dafoe - conference volunteer: My Physical Literacy Journey