Quality Daily Physical Education Award Program

Be Recognized for Your Quality Physical Education Program

The Quality Daily Physical Education Award Program recognizes schools who offer QDPE, and encourages excellence in school physical education programs. The QDPE Award Program requires schools to assess their physical education program based on a set criteria identified in the QDPE application form. Any Canadian school can apply!

PHE Canada has revised the QDPE Award Program application criteria to better reflect the national landscape and properly recognize those schools offering quality physical education programming. 

Teachers and principals can apply today to recognize and celebrate excellence in their physical education programs. Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is now open. 

Apply Now: Quality Daily Physical Education Award Program

What does your school receive?

  • The official title “QDPE” or “QPE” school
  • The opportunity to purchase a banner to hang in the school gymnasium
  • National publicity for your school’s quality program
  • A letter of congratulations from the Prime Minister and the PHE Canada President
  • A personalized certificate with your school's name