National Award for Teaching Excellence in Health Education - 2018 Nomination Form

Candidate Information
First Nominator
Second Nominator
Third Nominator
About the Candidate

Provide a brief biographical sketch which describes the background and accomplishments of the nominee and how they meet the selection criteria of this award. Maximum 500 words.

Describe how the nominee provides a quality health education program, based on the provincial curriculum using sound pedagogical principles consistent with Comprehensive School Health (CSH). Specifically, provide information about how the nominee supports and implements the four pillars of CSH: Healthy Policy, Teaching and Learning, Healthy Social and Physical Environments, and Partnerships and Services. Also, describe the area(s) of health in which the nominee has contributed. For example, physical, social, emotional and/or spiritual.Maximum 500 words.

Describe how the nominee serves as a positive role model epitomizing a healthy lifestyle. Maximum 500 words.

Describe how the nominee has made a positive impact in the field of health education beyond the school. For example, involves agencies from the community in curriculum delivery, or has contributed to development or implementation of school or school division policy. Maximum 500 words.

Describe how the nominee has made a substantial contribution to the field by positively impacting the teaching of health education curriculum in the school, region, and province. Maximum 500 words.

Describe how the nominee participates in professional development opportunities related to the teaching of health education. It is intended that the nominee not only attend professional development opportunities but also shares their expertise with colleagues locally, regionally, provincially, or nationally. Maximum 500 words.

Letters of Reference

Include 2 letters of reference from the second and third nominators that demonstrate the positive impact of their work in relationship to the above criteria. If you would prefer to send the letters by mail or fax indicate so. All letters must be signed by the nominator.

All letters and supporting documentation not attached to this submission must be received by the PHE Canada office by the nomination deadline. They can be sent to:

Attn: Awards
Physical and Health Education Canada
301-2197 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1H 7X3
Fax: 613-523-1206