Health Promoting School Funding Opportunities - Elementary and Secondary


The school is an important setting for individuals and organizations looking to positively affect health behaviours of children and youth. The Health Promoting Schools Approach (HPS) strives to provide a way to link health and education outcomes by including the instruction, supports and environment of the school setting as part of a foundation that allows for interaction and cohesion between home, school and community.

A health promoting schools approach “includes a broad spectrum of activities and services which take place in schools and their surrounding communities in order to enable children and youth to enhance their health, to develop their fullest potential and to establish productive and satisfying relationships in their present and future lives” (CASH, 2009).

In other words, Health Promoting Schools is actually bigger than the school itself – therefore we refer to a healthy school community to encompass the school environment and the many support services in the school and community that affect the health and wellness in the community.

Funding Opportunity 

A Health Promoting School promotes a culture of wellness among all members: students, staff, administration, parents, and community partners.  Together, the school community implements plans to create an environment that supports healthy choices among its members.  

If your school believes in the philosophy of HPS and would value from implementing HPS initiatives, PHE Canada may support your efforts with funding.  We challenge your school to come up with an initiative that promotes HPS ideals and positively influences your entire school community. 

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