What parents can do

Receiving a quality physical education programs is a basic right of every child. Many of the world’s leading health and wellness organizations, such as UNESCO, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations support this fact. In addition, most parents support their child’s need for quality, daily Physical Education. What is troublesome is that the majority of parents are not aware of how infrequently their child receives a quality Physical Education program.

Take the time to learn about the quality of the Physical Education program at your child’s school. Ask:

  • How often do my children receive Physical Education?
  • Who is teaching Physical Education? Is the teacher qualified? Enthusiastic? Prepared?
  • Is the school fulfilling the minimum mandated time for Physical Education as stated in the provincial curriculum?
  • Is your child receiving the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of areas within and outside of the Physical Education class?
  • Is the school providing the nationally recommended standard of 150 minutes of physical education each week?
  • Does the school have the resources needed to provide a quality program (equipment, facilities, teaching support)?
  • How often is Physical Education cancelled and for what reasons?
  • Does your child look forward to Physical Education class?
  • Does your child’s school receive the national Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE) Recognition Award Program (RAP)?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, do your part to influence change:

  • Ask your child’s teacher to report and explain what your child is learning in Physical Education.
  • Talk to your principal about making quality Physical Education an integral part of your child’s school experience.
  • Ask that quality Physical Education be added to the Parent Council agenda in order to make other parents aware of its importance and to ask that it be a core part of the school program.
  • Invite a spokesperson to do a QDPE presentation.
  • Contact your School Board, School Trustee, Education Minister or other key decision maker to state your concern and ask for change. Minister contacts and letter/postcard templates are available on this website.
  • Launch a letter-writing or media awareness campaign to advocate for change.
  • Become involved in the implementation of an Active, Healthy School community.

Remember, receiving a quality Physical Education program is a basic right of every student.