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Send a Letter to the Government

Do you want Quality Daily Physical Education at your school? Do you think junk food should be banned? Are your children not receiving their fundamental right to quality Physical Education? Does your school need to adopt a healthier, more active school environment? Does your child’s Physical Education class get cancelled for insufficient reasons?

You play an important role in facilitating change. Remember that your concerns are important - Your voice matters. Take the time to express your views. There are many ways that you can get your point across:

  • Send a letter to local, provincial, and national politicians.
  • Implement a postcard or letter writing campaign.
  • Start a petition.
  • Write to your local newspaper.
  • Form an Action Team.
  • Solicit support. Chances are that many others share your concern.

Don’t wait for somebody else. Be a leader for change. To help you out, we've put some demands in a prepared letter you can send off to your Minister of Education and the Minister of Health. If enough parents speak up, we're sure to be heard!


Letter Position Paper

Take Action - Rate Your School

How good is the physical education at your school? These 10 simple questions will help you to gauge how well your child’s school is doing at meeting their needs. If the school is doing well, be sure to congratulate them on their success and promote the success within your community. If there are areas that are lacking, don’t sit back. Talk to your child’s teacher, principal, school trustee, and/or School Board. If necessary, go to your government officials. Ask for change and don’t give up.
Physical education and a healthy school environment are fundamental rights of every child. Make use of the advocacy tools that are available to help you with this process. If necessary, turn up the volume by getting other parents or concerned individuals on board to help you with this important cause.

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