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Patricia Lawson 1984-1985

Dr. Patricia Lawson is being honoured by her professional colleagues across Canada as a distinguished teacher of physical education, a superb sportswoman, a successful coach and an effective administrator.

The story of Pat Lawson has taken place almost entirely in Saskatoon, although she is known and recognized throughout Canada.  Pat’s undergraduate education and teaching experience began in Saskatoon.  After a short teaching venture to Vancouver and the United States, where she earned both her Master’s and Doctoral degrees, Pat returned to her Saskatoon where she is presently Professor in the College of Physical Education at the University of Saskatchewan.

Women’s sports have been the focus of Pat Lawson’s life and career.  Few have equaled her incredible record in amateur sport.  She established a Canadian record in speed skating and won championships in swimming, tennis, track and field and basketball.  Her recent entry into golf has taken her to the Canadian championships as a member of the Saskatchewan Ladies Golf Team.  This spring she was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame for her outstanding ability and leadership in basketball as a member of two Canadian championship teams and a member of the Pan-American team in 1959.


Pat Lawson is truly among the leaders in Canadian women’s physical education today.  Her central and unyielding purpose is to improve the conditions and practice of sport and physical recreation for girls and women.  She has pursued this purpose through her teaching at the University and her leadership in sports governing associations.  She is one of the few women to have served on the National Advisory Council to the Fitness and Amateur Sport Directorate.  Her leadership resulted in the formation of the Canadian Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Union which she served as President from 1970 to 1972.  She was a member of the committee which organized the University Committee of CAHPER and was a Vice-President of CAHPER of 1971 to 1973.  In addition to her executive work on numerous sports committees, Pat has written and delivered significant position papers on women’s sport on many occasions.

Canadians are indebted to Pat Lawson for her persistent concern and her untiring efforts to enrich the lives of so many girls and women.  In saluting Patricia Lawson, CAHPER recognizes a talented and dedicated leader of the profession.

1974 R. Tait McKenzie Honour Award recipient

Ottawa, Ontario

Taken from the CAHPER Journal

July – August 1974
VOL. 40 – No. 6  


1984-1985 CAHPERD President

1974 R. Tait McKenzie Honour Award recipient

2000 North American Society Award recipient

1970-1972 President, Canadian Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Union



Did you know?

Dr. Patricia Lawson, the R. Tait McKenzie Speaker at the Saskatoon Convention is the first woman to make this address. Very appropriate for International Women’s year 1975.

Tidbit of information from the CAHPER Journal May-June 1975, page 9.
Vol. 41, No 5


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